Real Time China represents Real Time’s interests in China and organises its activities there: developing projects and initiatives in partnership with Chinese organisations that share Real-Time’s motivation and goals. We have a partnership with The International Creative Industries Alliance that offers a platform for local and international SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and individual creative talents and professionals to explore new genres, develop business models, create digital contents, and provide advice and consultancy and exchange information and experiences. Real Time and ICIA's vision is not only to contribute to economic growth but also to improve the quality of life and the ecology of the environment through creativity and innovation. Together with the ICIA and Shenzhen’s Electronic Industries Association, we are establishing an International creative change-makers innovation cluster. In partnership with Segmaker’s Innopark, Real Time is developing an initiative on augmented reality, founded on CAVE that takes audiovisual story-making beyond creative cutting up of recorded time and space: providing creative resources that extend story-making time an space into the realm of imagination and animation.

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Real Time –Shenzhen EIA–Innopark Partnership team: Eric Leung (X-Y Interactive), Long Hong (Shenzhen EIA}, Patrick Humphreys}, Carol Lorac, Michael Zhang (Real-Time , Mark (innopark)