Real Time's mission: Changing realities

Driving change processes through participatory video and creative storytelling

We know that the only constant is change, but it is the unprecedented pace of transformation, and the real-world complexity, which require innovative approaches to change management.

Professionals in commercial settings and both statutory and non-government agencies face wicked problems – issues are unique, interconnected and may have no established routes forward. Top-down solutions often fail because each context is different. There are unpredicted consequences from interventions because people may not do as expected. This explains the need to understand ground level experiences of what is really going on.

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Opening dialogue between interests

Contemporary issues in business, health, community and government services cannot be solved by any single interest group alone. There is a need to bring all stakeholders together in evolving mutual understanding about the problem and shared commitment to possible action.

Sustainable solutions come through working in partnership towards improvements – a process of small steps with successes and setbacks which require iterative and ongoing action and reflection. Participatory visual (research) processes such as participatory video can be a way of building constructive relationships between a range of interest groups and purposeful collaboration.
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Participatory video

Real Time’s participatory video is a tried and tested approach to unearthing novel insight. Developed over more than 30 years in a wide range of settings, it involves group’s in communicating their own stories on video. In turn, this can build awareness about what prevents change happening, and what needs to be done. However, collaborative storytelling offers further value.

Collaborative and creative storytelling

All cultures use stories to make sense of their lives and forge a common bond. Stories provide shared understanding, which in turns influence how we think and behave.
Organisations and communities can be restricted by external narratives. Real Time uses videoing and playback exercises, as well as other creative storytelling methods to stimulate deeper exploration of reality. This opens space for all views, and enables seeing as well as hearing. Stepping back from experience and discussing the issues together means new stories can emerge that encompass both causes and better solutions. Moreover, in authoring their own pathways forward, people are more likely to act to bring about change than when it seems imposed.

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Community and small business networking
and bottom-up development