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Images and Sounds: Audiovisual Language - A Papertronic® book

The Images and Sounds initiative is concerned with innovation, technology and creativity. The Images and sounds App integrates a papertronic book and e-book, an audiovisual annotation catalogue and exploration system. Images and Sounds: Audiovisual Composing is published in February 2017as a Papertronic book and an e-book, both comprising nine chapters:

1: Primal images and sounds 2: The role of the arts in audiovisual composing 3: Recording images and sounds and developing audiovisual stories: A historical perspective 4: Exploring an audiovisual story 5: Imagination and Technique: Universal Audiovisual Composing 6: Composers and Composition: Media Arts in a University 7: Extending Frontiers: Participatory Audiovisual Composition 8: Audiovisual Composing in the Creative Partnerships Programme 9: Going Forward

Each chapter comprises text and illustrations, within a traditional paper book and an e-book, automatically linked with up to 30 audiovisual annotations, presented as audiovisual galleries, video shorts, film clips, animation and multimedia compositions within an electronic environment.

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Still from Images and Sounds video annotation: Scanning Scenes by Carol Lorac

Background to Images and Sounds

The advent of the information society has triggered profound structural changes that affect all aspects of society from industrial activity to culture and quality of life. The need to understand and profit from this technological change poses formidable challenges to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Analysts now point out that this technological change is “driving up the value of all forms of intangible assets – brands and reputations, intellectual property, software, media content, and talent. Investment in human talent and their mastery of communication, in many forms, has become a key factor in the eventual creation of a knowledge-based society. Purely textual material is increasingly found to be inadequate for communicating, locally or globally, information that requires showing as well as telling. Rapid authoring and communication of richer content – multimedia material, which includes sound, moving and still pictures, as well as text, is now both possible and essential. This requires the development of knowledge pertaining to audiovisual and multimedia composing and appropriate delivery systems for authoring and distributing audiovisual and multimedia communications. This research and development project is defining how a universal use of audiovisual and multimedia composing can be understood and exploited; and how innovative delivery systems can be utilised.

Innovative Communication Processes in Images and Sounds

Commercial success will depend upon developing a high level of mass multimedia ‘literacy’ in the 21st century matching the mass written literacy of the 20th century. However, this will necessitate the use of sound, moving and still pictures, as well as text. The Images and Sounds research and development project is developing ground-breaking ideas, and furthering understanding, on the universal use of audiovisual and multimedia composition. In order to reveal the potential of audiovisual and multimedia composition, this project is developing Images and Sounds, using compositional methods that successfully exploit three composing processes – written, audiovisual and multimedia, in an inventive, combined paper and electronic book Papertronic, using specially designed software. It uses the book metaphor with a traditional spine, but creatively combines linear written and audiovisual composing processes with non-linear and interactive multimedia composition. The book traces the history of audiovisual composing and develops a theoretical framework for understanding this kind of compositional practice as a universal communication system. It uses case studies as a way of illustrating the exploitation of these audiovisual and multimedia composing processes, in a diverse range of settings. It also provides suggestions for ways of developing these generative compositional competencies for a multiplicity of communication purposes.

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Still from Images and Sounds video annotation: The Cummerbund by Shelly Wain

You can download the Images and Sounds prospectus here